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The roots of W E S T C a f e

It’s not only a destination, it’s an experience that becomes a lifestyle.

No matter where you are in the world, food and music are mood enhancers and have the power to bring people together of all nationalities and cultures.

The core of W E S T C a f e is built around bringing people together and enhancing their experience with their respective love for both music and food.

We believe in the age old saying “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~William A. Foster

Growing up in a very small town has it’s benefits. We know where we come from and we know where we’re going, the key is to stay rooted.
Growing up we were exposed to quality food and the effort it takes to make it. Our family is musically inclined, from our parents right through the three siblings, it forms part of our DNA.

When we started the W E S T C a f e dream we wanted to share that feeling with people, that this will be a place where you can feel that you belong, unwind and share in an environment of quality food and music with the people you love.

“Excellence is expected, not desired.” ~ Jannes Erasmus

We have experienced role players in our team that stretch far and wide, from franchise owners (King Pie, Milky Lane, Artisan Feast Bread etc) to gourmet chefs.

On our marketing team we have multi award winning Afrikaans Music artists (Bernice West & Rooksein) with a social media network that exceeds the 100K mark, with more than 30 million music video views and a creative director (Jannes Erasmus) with experience in both theatre and film to ensure the content is in a league of its own.

W E S T C a f e isn’t only a destination, it’s an experience that becomes a lifestyle.

Stay rooted. 

Who is involved?

Renier West

Bernice West

Jannes Erasmus

Chriestoff Jansen

Christo Jansen

Christine Jansen

Hennie Pretorius

Hanlie Pretorius 

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Rooksein is ’n Potchefstroomse musiekgroep, wat bestaan uit Megan Danner, Renier West en Dian Maritz.
Ontmoet vir Rooksein se Renier Van der Westhuizen (25). Hy is ’n liedjieskrywer en musikant van Rustenburg, wat inspirasie put uit die waarhede en emosies in die lewe. Musiek was nog altyd een van sy groot passies, alhoewel hy dit ook geniet het om sport – soos sokker – te doen. Wanneer hy nie op die verhoog is nie, geniet hy dit om besighede van stapel te stuur.

Bernice WEst

Dalk is dit die sproete, dalk is dit goue afro, dalk is dit die grou oë, die hoë note of die retro styl & die unieke lerieke…. maar een, of al die bogenoemde is ons einste Bernice West.
West spog met ‘n verskeidenheid nommer 1 enkelsnitte maar ook met twee nommer 1 Albums agter haar naam.
Sy het deelgeneem aan die Gelofte Musiekblyspel en staan bekend as die naas wenner van KykNet se realiteits reeks Maak My Famous..
West is ‘n “coffee fanatic” en deel nou haar passie vir sang koffie en pastries alles hier by West Café.



We’ve never met anyone who could resist the smell of freshly baked bread. All our bread, croissants and pizzas will be baked in store.


Looking for a place for that important pitch or meeting? We have a boardroom overlooking a park, that seats 8 people. You can book the boardroom at a small rate per hour. Contact us to find out more.

Working Space

When working from home sounded like a good idea… we offer a very beautiful setting in our shop, overlooking a park. Come chase your deadlines with the amazing sensations of WestCafe that fill the air.
T’s & C’s apply. 

Ice Cream

All the care and attention to detail that goes into developing top-quality recipes and products, which have already entered the hearts and kitchens of millions of consumers.
Italian taste and quality in many product lines created for you, by a family company for many other families.
With custom WestCafe flavours that will blow your tastebuds. 

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